Offshore may refer to:

Finance and law

  • Offshoring, active movement of companies to offshore centers
  • Offshore financial centre, jurisdictions which transact financial business with non-residents
  • Offshore investment, relates to the wider financial services industry in offshore centers
  • Offshore bank, relates to the banking industry in offshore centers
  • Offshore company
  • Offshore Stock Broker, relates to stock brokers in offshore centers
  • Offshore fund, collective investment in offshore centers
  • Offshore trust, trust arranged in offshore jurisdiction
  • Technology

  • Offshore drilling, discovery and development of oil and gas resources which lie underwater through drilling a well
  • Offshore (hydrocarbons)
  • Offshore construction, construction out at sea
  • Offshore powerboat racing, powerboat racing
  • Offshore hosting, server
  • Offshore wind power, wind power in a body of water
  • Arts

  • Offshore (novel), a 1979 British novel by Penelope Fitzgerald
  • "Offshore" (song), a 1996 song by British electronic dance music act Chicane
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    SA fund managers prepared to bring back offshore funds due to GNU, says BofA

    Independent online (SA) 24 Jun 2024
    South African fund managers are now optimistic of returns from local equities, with a large number prepared to bring back offshore funds, said Bank of America (BofA) in its June 2024 South Africa Fund Manager Survey ... BofA on Friday said about 71% of surveyed fund managers were ......

    Esgian Week 25 Report: Mixed Results in Exploration Drilling

    MarineLink 24 Jun 2024
    Diamond Offshore semisubmersible Ocean Apex arrived at the Fletcher-5H well site off Australia over the weekend to start its P&A contract with Santos ... Posco International E&P Malaysia is starting a site survey operation over the PM 524 block offshore Malaysia this week ... Diamond Offshore has stated that its planned merger with Noble Corp....

    Nigerian Navy at 68: Reinforcing Its Sea Power Capabilities

    This Day 24 Jun 2024
    Other duties include making of charts and coordinating national hydrographic surveys as well as promoting, coordinating and enforcing safety regulations in the territorial waters and the EEZ of Nigeria ... Notably, the NN has taken delivery of its second offshore survey vessel, 2 x 32m FPBs, and 2 x Helicopters. ....

    What’s RWE’s next move in Humboldt County offshore wind? Surveys

    Times Standard 23 Jun 2024
    Next week, the company that leased swaths of ocean space roughly 20 miles west of Eureka to build offshore wind turbines will begin gathering data on the site’s biological and geographic characteristics. RWE contracted with ocean surveying company Argeo to examine the ocean floor ......

    Archaeologists search for lost world beneath the Gulf of Mexico

    Heritage Daily 23 Jun 2024
    The five-year project is applying offshore surveys in the Gulf of Mexico, which includes the coastlines along Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida ... Dr Cook Hale said ... “The Gulf has a long history of offshore development in oil and gas prospection that is now evolving into green initiatives such as offshore wind ... Shutterstock....

    Ostsee Anbindungsleitung Pipeline, Germany

    Offshore Technology 22 Jun 2024
    The Ostsee Anbindungsleitung (OAL) pipeline is a subsea gas pipeline built between Mukran and Lubmin, offshore Germany ... Offshore chemical tanks and containers ... The vessels Swarog and Biber were deployed to conduct surveying work along the offshore route, along with SkjoldR carrying out additional investigations ... Offshore chemical tanks and containers....

    Offshore E&P Survey Unveils World's Oldest Deep-Sea Shipwreck

    The Maritime Executive 20 Jun 2024
    Last year, as the company surveyed the seabed about 50 nautical miles off Israel, it detected an ancient wreck at a depth of about 2,000 meters - and it turned out to be a remarkable find ... Only Energean's participation made the discovery and the survey possible, according to the IAA....

    The Earliest Ship Ever Found in the Deep Seas Discovered!

    Ancient Origins 20 Jun 2024
    The cargo was unearthed during a routine survey conducted by Energean, an E&P natural gas company operating in offshore fields near Israel ... “During a survey about a year ago, we saw an unusual sight – a large pile of jugs on the seafloor ... “The robot’s survey and mapping of the ......

    FreeStar: A New Force in Subsea Services

    The Maritime Executive 15 Jun 2024
    FreeStar Subsea Services is a new company born from the merger of Vriezoo ROV Services and Mark Offshore. The collaboration offers a unique combination of ROV and survey support services with FreeStar’s own, recently acquired and outfitted vessel, the SSV Navicula Star ... “We are shallow draft and offshore specialists....

    Surveys to Begin Off California for First Floating Wind Farm

    The Maritime Executive 13 Jun 2024
    Site survey work is set to kick off this month for RWE’s Canopy Offshore Wind project which will be located approximately 20 miles off the coast of Humboldt Country in Northern California ... "Surveying is an important step on the path toward developing Canopy Offshore Wind,” said Sam Eaton, CEO of RWE Offshore Wind Holdings....

    RWE Announces Start of Site Investigation Campaign for its Canopy Offshore Wind Project off the ...

    The Eagle-Tribune 12 Jun 2024
    EUREKA, Calif., June 12, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- RWE today announced the upcoming start of the site investigation survey work for its Canopy Offshore Wind Farm (Canopy) project off the coast of Northern California. This is a key milestone in ... ....